There’s a lot going on in the streets of San Diego. There are markets where they s almost entirely organic mustard, surfers follow their nose to the ocean, hay makes a fine background for a Halloween stand and pigeons keep watch over traffic lights. I like to enlighten you on that last one.

I like pigeons that are just chilling, hanging out. Waiting before a traffic light, I looked at the pigeons on the light poles with pleasure. One of the pigeons flew up, followed by a second one, after that a third one, pole by pole, until they were all hanging up in the air. You’d expect they had a new place in mind to hang out, but this was not the case. None of the waiting cars were moving, while the pigeons flew circles around the traffic light. Like time had stopped for a second. After six rounds they settled down on their poles again, one by one. Our light jumped to green.