Sometimes I wonder if man and woman are genuinely meant to be together. Not that I question monogamy, I just can’t picture that man and that woman living a life together.

A woman needs friends. Men are better at being alone, kicking some silly ball or stand there with a fishing rod for hours in a row. Do you see a woman doing that?

Exactly. And men really can’t take a lot from women. Women moan and whine, jabber on about this thing called feelings. How are those two suppose to mix and match?

Of course there are many advantages; physically ánd emotionally. Fine. Very often you also have something in common. Interest in the world perhaps, in society and politics. You both wonder where this world is going and how you can make a difference in this process. He has a passion for sports and she appreciates the fact that he can be that enthusiastic for something so specific. It is hard to find people with a purpose in life and direct devotion these days. He likes it that she thinks about stuff that is going on in the world and about what keeps people busy.

That’s all wonderful.

But after a while he wants to be alone to do useless things on a computer that have something to do with American Football. She’s at the bar with real girly girls and even though she really couldn’t care less, she is relieved to be able to talk about the hair dresser, Lady Ga Ga’s new look, the newest tips to lose weight, which lotion is or isn’t fit for certain body parts and about menstruation cramps which a man will never understand.

But the best thing about this type of satisfactory girl talk is that it only lasts so long. After that she can return to the man who was already done with lying alone on the couch. And that keeps quite a balance of things.