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Amateur photography is rapidly on the rise. Around 50% of professional photographers see this as a threat. What are the effects of amateur vs. professional photography? And are there benefits?

Since people can take pictures with their phones and tablets and digital cameras are getting cheaper, it has become easier for amateur photographers to take better pictures. Commercialized media immediately jump to this, as ‘civilian pictures’ are cheaper and growing in supply.

The rise of amateur (travel) photography travel stories

Due to the growing market of photographers, photo budgets are more and more pressured, which only emphasizes the need for free or cheap pictures. The result is an economical decline for professional photography; professional photographers find it harder to get paid for their work.

However, when it comes to quality most professional photographers feel they have no competition in amateur photographers. There are people claiming otherwise though: because the amateur has more time and doesn’t need extended technical knowledge for most cameras anymore, you have a good chance of finding a useful picture within his collection.

The rise of amateur (travel) photography travel stories

Looking at the future, it is unavoidable that more and more people will turn into photographers. This development is not something that can be returned or kept back. Whether it is news photography, portraits or travel: amateurs are likely to catch up. If a professional wishes to distinguish himself from the amateur, he has to make use of his specialism and style. Sell the experience of what it is like to hire a photographer, not just the photos.

Furthermore, photographers should bridge the gap between amateur and pro. Why? To make sure the value of photography is not lost. Amateurs should be aware that their work is a work of art and they should ask a proper price for it. Professionals should get inspired by the many possibilities that are becoming standard, to raise themselves to a new level.